The Importance of Safety in Cycling

Cycling is an enjoyable and fun activity. Hence, it is very important to take note of personal safety, looking out of other cyclists and pedestrians. Different safety procedures need to follow depending on the location of the cycling activities. Especially riding on the road.

Different sets of safety procedures need to be follow based on the time of the day, weather and road conditions.
Examples of safety knowledge includes safety distances, giving hand signals in advance etc.
Wearing proper cycling attires and protective gears are necessary too. Wear visible and brighter clothes when riding at night.

The most important of all is the ability to take control of the bike and skill levels of the cyclists. It takes many hours of practice to master the techniques of balancing and riding a bike very well. For beginner, build up the knowledge of cycling. Start with a simple bike first and do not ride too fast.

The most safest way is to ride on cycling pathway carefully and abide by the safety standards in regardless whether it is as a beginner or an expert. Accidents can occur anytime. Safety is number 1 in whatever we do.

Happy Cycling!

18 thoughts on “The Importance of Safety in Cycling”

  1. I totally agree with you that safety should be of paramount importance and every aspect of our lives when it comes to cycling one must first to fall consider Wearing proper cycling attires and protective gears, Wear visible and brighter clothes when riding at night and and many more.though I have never gone cycling but I’m going to put in mind is your safety tips in cycling when I do.

    awesome review and I’m really going to share it as well

  2. How very perceptive! Your post reminded me of my childhood when I had to take cycling lessons from my instructor who incidentally was my dad.

    I remember him shouting at the top of his voice about maintaining safety while riding. Your post just brought back memories of those lectures.

    Safety in cycling can never be over-emphasized and as you have rightly said, cyclists have to understand the terrain, and the weather conditions that they drive-in. Now that I am driving something bigger, I see that your advice is even more important.

  3. Safety always comes first in whatever sports. There’s no point for an athlete for not putting their safety in the first place until they get injured, and realized how important it is to put that ‘safety first’ mindset before getting into the game/training. Your advice will help a lot of people, thanks for sharing it again.

  4. I love biking and go all the time but safety is of the utmost importance.
    I always wear a helmet. I don’t want any head injuries.
    Riding a bike is the same rules as driving a car.
    I always try and use the bike lane and I ride defensively.
    I make sure I can be seen by cars and try and ride safely where there are no cars.
    I never ride too fast beyond my control.
    Safety first for me.

  5. Thanks so much for this wonderful article on cycling safety. I think a lot of people take cycling safety for granted and don’t realize its importance. I think a lot of cycling accidents, whether it’s with a car or a pedestrian, can be prevented with just basic safety rules. What do you think?

    1. That is true, Barb. All road users get impatient easily on the road due to hectic lifestyles. Besides basic road safety, care for other road users and road courtesy goes a long way too.

  6. I try to install a ‘safety first’ mentality into my kids when they go out on their bikes… and I’m sure as soon as they’re out the door that goes out their heads. I certainly don’t let them out after dark on the bikes but getting them to wear helmets when they’re just riding locally with their friends is a fight I just don’t have anymore. I only do occasional longer rides and I always wear a helmet for those, but I have to admit that when I was a kid I never wore one at all.

  7. I think wearing a cycling helmet and high-visible jackets is crucial nowadays for road use, if you’re well seen, it’s by far the safest route. I’m 50 years old now & we never wore anything like this when we learnt to cycle but traffic certainly wasn’t as busy, therefore safer.

    I clearly remember taking a cycling proficiency test at school, do they still do these tests? It was the most thoroughly enjoyable course as a kid, they taught how to ride a bike properly, how to handle the road, the use of signals, etc, etc. I think the course went on for about a month, twice a week. I remember we were all gutted when the course finished, it was that enjoyable, but seriously useful for future road use and put us all in good stead.

  8. hello and thanks for sharing, this is a very good sport where you can get a good work-out and get that heart rate up. I often see persons in groups interacting in this sport. But other than that what you are sharing is awesome and important because safety is also first. Your post is very helpful and I am sure that your readers will love what you are sharing because the information on your post is right on point.

    1. Hi Norman,

      I felt very encouraged after reading your comments and thoughts.

      I will strive to share more relevant and useful biking information.

      Thanks for your time to share your thoughts too 🙂

  9. Hi Davis,
    Thanks for a very insightful article on the importance of safety in cycling. Cycling is indeed a fun and enjoyable activity. It’s also excellent exercise which is another factor that contributes to its popularity. But both cyclists and drivers do have to be very conscious of the rules of the road to avoid serious accidents. I’ve witnessed a few accidents on busy streets that have completely discouraged me from riding in traffic. I cycle often but tend to stick to bike trails these days. I feel like I have far more control in that environment.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your nice compliment.

      That is true.Cycling is a good form of transport.It is a good way to save on transport cost and protect the environment too.Well,i had seen people riding a bike to work.The best of both worlds.

      Yes,indeed.It is a big risk riding on the road.Some road users behaved as if they owned the entire road.Lots of accidents happen because it is difficult for drivers to look out for a cyclist especially on the blind side.

      To ensure safety,slow down when there are heavy traffics and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.Indicate the next move in advance using hand signals.

      Well,it is true that you can have better control while riding in bike trails.There is a need to look out for other cyclists as well to prevent accidents from happening too

      Happy cycling!


  10. I do agree with you that cycling is enjoyable and fun but if you are riding in traffic, I think you really have to keep your wits about you and be prepared.

    Local councils where I live are taking cyclists needs into consideration and creating bike lanes on busy roads and have brought in laws where motorists have to give cyclists one metre of space.

    I think these are good moves to make cycling safer but where possible I think it’s best for cyclists to stick to bike paths.

    1. Yes,indeed Adrian.

      It really take a great deal of confidence,focus and alertness cycling on the road.Especially the narrow and congested road.

      It is a great to know that there are proper bike lanes and 1 metre of space on the road in your country of residence.

      It will be good if it can be done over here.It was not possible as the road was not wide enough.

      Cyclists are allow to ride on the pavement.Cycling tracks are not conveniently located.It is dangerous to ride on the road as there are lots of vehicles who move very fast.

      The traffic laws are very strict in country where i stay in.

      For e.g electric bikes and other kind of electrical transport devices are not allow to ride on the pedestrian walkway.

      Bikers with electrical bikes have to observe the traffic regulation like all other drivers on the road.Or risk being book for violating the traffics laws.

  11. You have definitely wrote an excellent article about priotizing safety when using bike, obviously it is important for so many reasons.

    However, could you please maybe list down the safety gears suitable for people that into this sport? Where to buy them and how to secure the deals for these goods.

    Thank You

    1. Hi A Habil,

      Thanks for your nice compliment and constructive suggestion.

      I will strive to post more relevant information and product recommendation.

      I had just published a new post titled”The Importance of mountain biking safety accessory” recently.

      I had insert in a list of biking safety accessories in it and other relevant info.

      To your success,


  12. As a kid, I used to take my bike everywhere and anywhere, including riding on busy roads without even thinking about the dangers and health + safety. But then as a kid, you just want to have heaps of fun. Although, I had quite a few minor accidents on my bike.

    But as we get older, we certainly need to take road safety more seriously when out and about on our bicycles.

    I appreciate your advice when it comes to cycling safely on the road and pathways.


    1. Hi Neil,

      Thanks for your appreciation.

      Yes,those were the days whereby life is less hectic in the country side.People were more friendly and considerate back then.

      Hence,it is not the case in modern society.Beside observing safety in biking,i think it is a matter of basic courtesy between all road users and pedestrians.

      There is also a need to observe the traffic laws which varies from different countries.

      Such actions will ensure the safety of cyclists while on the road.


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