The Fun Side of Cycling

Cycling is a fun and enjoyable leisure activity. It is a good way to relax from the fast pace lifestyles in the modern city. Keeping the body physically in good shape too.

Being able to travel to many nice and interesting places on a mountain bike. Enjoying many great activities. Imagine riding a bike along the breathtaking seaside
or country side, enjoying the beautiful sunset
and feel the cooling sea breeze.

Spending a great time with the family and loves ones on a biking trip together.

More adventurous people will go for mountain biking. Experiencing the nature and the lighter side of life. Exploring new places and creating wonderful memories & experiences. The benefits of mountain biking are endless.

10 thoughts on “The Fun Side of Cycling”

  1. Mountain biking is really a huge fun for me, the ability for one to be able to travel to many nice and interesting places on a mountain bike is also a great fun and also one amazing and fascinating ways of always keeping my body fit and also for burning fats. Nice article on the fun side of of cycling.

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  3. When I was a kid I used to ride a bike almost everyday. I loved it. My grandma used to live in a gated community with lots of green areas, even with hills, and I loved to go there and ride all day long with my cousins. I just wished I knew that last time I did that that it was going to be my last time, I would have made a better effort to remember it.

  4. I work out every morning, but I absolutely hate cardio. I like my weights, but I know I need to add cardio into my routine as well. I don’t live in the city, but I do live in a beautiful place and now I kind of want to bike around it! I also understand now why my father-in-law loves it so much. I didn’t get it especially since they live in England and it’s not necessarily bike-friendly in the area… or many others for that matter.

    1. Hi Leina, it is very wonderful to read about your fitness preferences. Follow your heart. Give it a go and cycle around your beautiful neighbourhood. Mixing sports with leisure. Perhaps riding with your closed friends…. it will be fun. Yes, indeed. Riding in a city require a certain level of confidence and skill level. Well, it is common for people to travel to work in a bike in a city. For fitness as well as beating the morning rush hour traffics.

      Happy Biking,

      David Koh

  5. What I enjoy most about cycling is the wind that brushes against my skin. This is especially true on beach trails especially during sunset when it’s much cooler and the scenery more pleasant. Can’t wait for this virus quarantine to be over so that we can all go out again to enjoy the beach and do some exercise. 

  6. I occasionally go out cycling with my husband and daughter, although I always find the seat so uncomfortable. But there’s nothing like the feeling of freedom you get when cycling, particularly for me as I have some mobility issues and can’t walk very far/fast. There was a time in my twenties when I used to cycle to work, and part of the journey was along a canal towpath. I loved that route, and often saw herons and other wildlife. And of course it kept me fit. 

  7. I must have been about four or five years old, visiting my aunt, who was an easy-going and generous soul. I particularly like to visit because her neighbour’s son had a bicycle and wasn’t selfish with it, so I got to fall off it as often as I pleased. Falling off that bicycle was a certainty, as was the clip round the ear from my mum, and a sympathetic grin and kind words from my aunt. Neither action from either woman much affected me; I was determined to ride that bike—after all, other people could!

    One day, as we visited my aunt and my mum was distracted by some suitably salacious gossip, I sneaked outside and found the bike leaning up against a wall. I wheeled it out onto the potholed street (Lagos, Nigeria) and pedalled away. Slowly. I didn’t want to fall. I fell. I got onto the bicycle again and this time, I pedalled furiously. It was do or die! Two cycles, I stayed on. Three.. four.. five… what was this? Was I actually riding the bicycle? Further and further I went, not falling off. I was ecstatic! Even now, decades later, I’ve got a smile on my face recounting the story. Oh, just one more thing—how to stop? (I fell off, but I didn’t mind. At last, I knew how to ride a bike.)

    Yes, cycling is fun, but it is best suited to young, or old and healthy. I’m not young, nor am I healthy, so mountain biking would switch off the old beater, I wager, and end this gentleman. I do love the idea of cycling fast downhill—I love speed—but I merely grin at the thought that I might be able to cycle up a mountain. Yes, if I were only 30 years younger…

  8. Although cycling is a fun and enjoyable leisure activity, it is also the cheapest method of getting from point A to Point B. I Personally used a bike to go to school everyday during my junior high, High School and some of my post secondary semesters. It is a good way to keep fit, hence Keeping the body physically in good shape  as well. What is your recommendation for bikes?

    1. Hi Juma, That is an excellent question. Well, your biking experiences brought back fond of my school days. Where i went out biking with my closed friends over the weekends and school holidays. Regarding the recommendation of bikes, it depends on your skill levels, experiences and purpose. For leisure rides to keep fit or commuting to work, there are quite a few choices. I recommend going for an outdoor bike with a light, sleek and sturdy frame. With the ability to install various accessories depending on the usage. Go for a medium range model with a reliable brand and manufacturer. For sustainibility and low maintenance cost. As the roads can be quite congested nowadays, you can consider getting a foldable bike for easy mobility. Especially on public transport. Another option you can consider is the electric bike. If you need to travel long distances quickly. It is environmental friendly too. Well, the choice is yours. Have fun biking.

      David Koh

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