Accessories and Products

Mountain bike is not much different from other types of bikes.It is make of high quality of solid materials for more durability and superb performance.Basic and advanced accessories are necessary for bikers to cycle under demanding weather and road conditions.

It is important to have the necessary equipment and accessories based on the details of the biking expedition.It will not be a good experience to be stuck in an inconvenient area with a broken bike.So it is best to have a backpack of emergency supplies for any emergencies,injuries and unforeseen situations.Bring along tools and equipment for repair along the road just in case.

List of Important Equipment

1 Hydraulic brakes
2 Pedals
3 Hydration systems
4 Global positioning system
5 Bike tools
6 Lights
7 Pumps
8 Gears

Basic accessories includes eye wear for protecting against debris,shoes with gripping soles,gloves,biking helmet,clothing for comfort during physical exertion outdoors.
Special attire for different weather conditions while biking in the wild.

Hope that this information can ensure you to have a better understanding and insight into what mountain biking is all about.