Important Mountain Biking Skills for Beginners

For most people who have a passion in cycling and mountain biking, it is important to be able to ride and handle a bike well in different biking situations & terrains. For example : Riding as a group, in rough terrain, going uphill/downhill etc. This apply to mountain biking for beginners and experts level.

For a start, it is necessary for beginners to be familiar with the actions and biking skills need to be taken in various biking scenarios.

It includes :

Amount of braking
Ascending skills
Descending skills
Control and balance
Cornering and pedaling techniques
Biking positions
Speed management

To be able to be good at executing the right biking skills and techniques according to the situation, a biker need to be physically fit, agile, confident and decisive in making the right judgement. Good physique and agility can ensure a biker to sustain the physical/mental demand of the rough terrain/ riding as a group.

Confident is necessary to execute the right biking skills quickly to ensure the safety of yourself and other bikers too. It is the same with being decisive in making the right judgement and react way in advance. Because road conditions and terrains changed very fast while on a biking journey.

So do a comprehensive study of the layout and condition of the surrounding areas of jungle trails/terrains is very important to prevent any surprises later. Plan the biking journey well in advance.

To ensure you to have a wonderful and enjoyable biking experience, there are  interesting tips to have.

There are as follows:

1) In group riding, look out for the speed of the others bikers and keep a safe distance from them. Be prepare to go faster when necessary and slow down on roads that are uneven. Keep a lookout of the road traffic conditions.

2) For riding in mountain/ jungle trails, there is a need to have the skill to climb better, descend quicker and clear obstacles along the way. Good fitness is require to control and balance the bike well. Make the right judgement of the braking power to use and the position of the bike when going uphill and downhill.

3) To ride a bike well, it takes some time to have the fundamentals right, practices to have a solid riding foundation for different biking platforms. Take time off during the cycling expedition to enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of the scenery.

4) Riding a bike standing up on the pedals is good for riding in different directions. Use brakes in various situations efficiently.

5) While biking in natural trails, landscapes and habitats, there will be a few section of rough terrains and steep downhills. There are ways to go over it. Like using the human body natural suspension to glide over it. Manage the speed of the bike and have the right body posture when going down a steep slope.

6) For your own personal safety out in the wild, it is good to exercise some common sense and proper judgement. STOP and carry the bike over rough terrain & very steep slopes.

Engage an experienced instructor to learn the ropes and safety procedures. Wear suitable protective attires and equipment.

12 thoughts on “Important Mountain Biking Skills for Beginners”

  1. Hello David,

    So many memories came rushing in of my old riding days. I rode a road bike and a mountain bike. Mountain biking was my favorite as it was a more daring activity. Your article is filled with great tips to mountain bike safely and properly. I remember mountain biking so fast downhill one time that bugs were hitting my teeth because I was smiling so much. :-). Great times.

  2. Heloo, nice article on  the important mountain biking skills for beginners… I. Must say that these skills are really so exceptional and amazing. I so much agree with you on the fact that good physique and agility can ensure a biker to sustain the physical/mental demand of the rough terrain/riding as a group, good physique is definitely helpful and needed. Confidence is also one amazing tools that’s very essential. And lastly excercising some common sense and proper judgement in some situations, thanks. 

  3. Hello dear, wow what wonderful content you have here, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, thanks for these nice and wonderful content, I really learnt a lot from these post, your choice of words and writing skills makes it really easy for the readers to form an opinion, thanks a lot for the info

    1. Hi Skuchmane, thank you so much for your encouraging words. It really made my day. And given me the boost to create more useful contents. It is great to know that you had enjoyed the content. And find it useful. I feel very appreciative for your support.


      David Koh

  4. If there’s anything I have learned from biking, it is the need to plan every trip, understand the terrain, the twists and turns so as to avoid surprises along the way. I have also picked up a thing or two from your post.

    Maintaining a safe distance between riders in a group is so important – riding slowly when others are going it slow, and picking up speed when the team increases speed! Besides all this, the increasing skill level is Key to progress for all beginners.

    Thank you David!

    Israel Olatunji

  5. Great information on mountain biking. Do older folks do much mountain biking? I am 62 and physically fit so I think I could do it and it would be fun. Do you have any tips on how we can practice your techniques before getting up in the mountains?

    Do you have hints on how much money we should be willing to spend on a good mountain bike?

    Looking forward to your answers so I can get started on this adventure.

    1. Hi Curtis, Yes, older senior citizens do take up mountain biking to keep fit and active. Which is good for the physical and mental wellbeing. The first important step is get certify by doctors. To be able to participate in strenuous sport activities. Yes, i do. For a start, it is recommendable to do warmups before biking. Loosen the different muscle groups around the upper and lower body. Especially the neck, shoulders and legs. To prevent cramps. Well, there are many ways to practice the techniques before going to the mountains. Start with the basics first, increase the skill level gradually. Practice riding on low ground and terrain. Then, proceed to hills and higher terrain. And eventually the mountains as your biking skills reaches substancial levels.

      Practice braking skills, balancing, control and speed of the bike. For e.g. lean forward going uphill to lessen the drag, brake lightly going downhill and glide the bike down. Maintain the bike in central position and lookout for the wind direction. It is good to ride with and not against the wind direction etc.

      For a good mountain bike, go for one which is $500 and above. Select a versatile, medium weight bike with useful features for older folks. Go for carbon fiber and aluminium material for best quality and durability. Good brands to consider include Yeti, Kona, Cannondale, Trek etc. To name a few…….

      Happy biking,

      David Koh

  6. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on Important Mountain Biking Skills for Beginners. Confident is necessary to execute the right biking skills quickly to ensure the safety of yourself and other bikers too. You have to Plan the biking journey well in advance.

    I learn via your article that For most people who have a passion in cycling and mountain biking, it is important to be able to ride and handle a bike well in different biking situations & terrains.

    Now I am doing biking with passion . It works for me.

  7. Many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article and you wrote an article about my dream. I am a huge fan of mountain biking and climbing to the top of the mountain became my addiction, then I formed a team with some of my friends who were passionate about it. But meeting goals is not that easy, but it’s really a game of many intelligence games and a new way to be confident. In different situations it is important to be able to ride a bike in different ways and be able to manage the team .Earlier I did a grouping with my teammates, their ability to climb to the top, landing skills, controlling myself and balance, biking position, speed management, etc. We had to collect the necessary items as well as the clothing to protect ourselves .Then we fought many battles and reached that peak of our dreams and the joy we all felt then was not really meant to be expressed in words .Your article is really very informative .

    Your article is really important for those who are interested in new mountain biking and hope that many will benefit from reading your article and will share their new experience with you soon.

  8. Thanks for this article as this has highlighted all of the skills that are necessary when riding a bike and what is important to mountain biking, doing it fast, well, and safely. Do you think that mountain biking is easier, more difficult or the same as other forms of biking and why do you like mountain biking the best?

    1. Hi Jon, that is a good question. Well, mountain biking is about the same as any other forms of biking. It is suitable for cyclists from beginners to the advanced level. All biking require the standard set of skills. Hence, mountain biking require a more higher level of skill. For a start, it is good to start with a simple and lighter mountain bike with good materials. I like mountain biking because it is adventurious and versatile. Which can be used for different purposes. It is possible in different environment in regardless whether it is offroad or terrain. 


  9. Just what I needed.

    I’ve been on the lookout for a detailed beginner’s guide for mountain biking. Nearly all my close pals are pretty good bikers and the idea of watching them go on that fun riding expedition without me is not one I’m very comfortable with. Though I have a little experience but none on the mountain trails. These are really helpful tips. I’ll be sure to implement them. 👊 

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