Important Mountain Biking Skills for Beginners

For most people who have a passion in cycling and mountain biking, it is important to be able to ride and handle a bike well in different biking situations & terrains. For e.g: riding as a group,in rough terrain, going uphill/downhill etc. This apply to mountain biking for beginners and expert level.

For a start, it is necessary for mountain biking beginners to be familiar with the actions and biking skills need to be taken in various biking scenarios.

It includes……

Amount of braking
Ascending skills
Descending skills
Control and balance
Cornering and pedaling techniques
Biking positions
Speed management

To be able to be good at executing the right biking skills and techniques according to the situation, a biker need to be physically fit, agile, confident and decisive in making the right judgement. Good physique and agility can ensure a biker to sustain the physical/mental demand of the rough terrain/riding as a group.

Confident is necessary to execute the right biking skills quickly to ensure the safety of yourself and other bikers too. It is the same with being decisive in making the right judgement and react way in advance. Because road conditions and terrains changed very fast while on a biking journey.

So do a comprehensive study of the layout and condition of the surrounding areas of jungle trails/terrains is very important to prevent any surprises later.Plan the biking journey well in advance.

To ensure you to have a wonderful and enjoyable biking experience,there are some interesting tips to have.

There are as follows:

1) In group riding, look out for the speed of the others bikers and keep a safe distance from them. Be prepare to go faster when necessary and slow down on roads that are uneven. Keep a lookout of the road traffic conditions.

2) For riding in mountain/jungle trails, there is a need to have the skill to climb better, descend quicker and clear obstacles along the way. Good fitness is require to control and balance the bike well. Make the right judgement of the braking power to use and the position of the bike when going uphill and downhill.

3) To ride a bike well,it takes some time to have the fundamentals right,practices to have a solid riding foundation for different biking platforms. Take time off during the cycling expedition to enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of the scenery.

4) Riding a bike standing up on the pedals is good for riding the bike in different directions. Use brakes in various situations efficiently.

5) While biking in natural trails,landscapes and habitats,there will be a few section of rough terrains and steep downhills. There are ways to go over it. Like using the human body natural suspension to glide over it. Manage the speed of the bike and have the right body posture when going down a steep slope.

6) For your own personal safety out in the wild,it is good to exercise some common sense and proper judgement.STOP and carry the bike over rough terrain & very steep slopes.

Engage an experienced instructor to learn the ropes and safety procedures.Wear suitable protective attires and equipment.

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