Important Facts of Mountain Bike Components

Mountain biking and cycling are very interesting leisure and sporting activities. They strengthen your physical and mental endurance. Both are great activities for rest and relaxation.

In order to enjoy mountain biking activities, it is necessary to understand the structure of the bike, various parts and functions. So that you can build or select a mountain bike according to your ridingstyles and preferences.

A mountain bike with good quality materials can be easier to maintain and safer. Cutting down on the maintenance cost with more durable parts and accessories. Well it is usually not easy for beginners to understand the different parts and mechanism.

To overcome this, the best way is to be “clear and simple”. So that, it is easier to understand better. By breaking them down into major and minor parts with simple descriptions and images.

The Structure of a Mountain bike
The outline and configuration of a bike.

The major parts includes:                                                

  1. Frame                                                                  
  2. Fork
    Bike fork
  3. Headset
  4. Crank / chain set
    Crank and chain sets
  5. Brake levers
    Brake lever
  6. Gear levers  
  7. Chain system
  8. Gear system       

The minor parts includes:

  1. Handle bar
  2. Stem
  3. Saddle
  4. Sprocket       
  5. Wheels
  6. Tires
  7. Spokes
  8. Bottom bracket
    Bottom bracket.

The brief explanation of the various functions are as follows:

1)  A frame is an important part of a bike for combining with the other parts. It            consist of different designs and materials.

2)  A fork is responsible for holding the front and rear wheel.

3)  The headset is a set of components between the fork and head tube of the               bike frame.

4)  A crank is a component that turn the chain to move the rear wheel forward            when a cyclist pedal the bike.

5)  A brake is for reducing the speed of a bike. The 3 types of bike brakes are                rim, disc and drum.

6)  Gear levers are for controlling the gearing mechanism and setting the                     correct  gears while riding in different terrains.

7)  Chain system is a set of chain and gears combinations that bring the bike              forward.

8)  The gear systems are for setting the gears. It consist of pedal, chain and                   sprocket.

9)  The handle bar is for controlling, balancing and determine the direction of             the bike. It is fix with the hand grip, brake and gear lever.

10)  Stem is the component for connecting the handle bar to the steering tube              of  the bike fork.

11)  Saddle is the bike seat. It is available in unique designs and materials for                  comfort according to different riding styles.

12)  Sprocket is a set of wheels consisting of the teeth cogs and chain. It is make          of perforated materials.

13)  Spokes are long and thin metal parts for supporting the wheel structures.

14)  Bottom bracket is a metal structure for connecting the crank set to the bike.

Well, having adequate first hand product knowledge about a mountain bike will provide a good head start in riding a bike with more confidence and enjoyment. Also in maintaining a bike well and knowing what to do when it break down.

9 thoughts on “Important Facts of Mountain Bike Components”

  1. Riding a bike in the hill country is an exhilarating experience and the accompanying joy is unforgettable. Feelings come alive as you negotiate difficult roads to reach beautiful destinations. Riding downhill after an exhausting climb is the culmination of that great experience, breathtakingly refreshing.

    As a teenager, I have beautiful memories of riding up to the highlands during weekends to watch the sunrise amidst misty surroundings, bird songs, and sharing unforgettable moments with riding friends.

    All these memories tied up with mountain biking finds a new dimension in your article as you bring in the importance of components. Your resourceful presentation of the technical aspects of a mountain bike, its relevance to safe and enjoyable riding carries much value and knowledge for riders. It’s good to know your bike.

    Information on costs in relation to the budget would have been useful, particularly the advantages of buying a used bike. You are not getting something that the manufacturer offers based on market pressure, with specifications that may be outdated in a couple of years. A year ahead from market hype would reveal which bike is a proven, researched winner. By then you would have heard a year or two worth talk and maybe ridden it once or twice.

    Thank you, David for sharing this valuable article.

    Best regards,


  2. Hi David

    Almost every childhood is incomplete without a cycle.

    Reading your article takes me back to my childhood days where I cycled to my school and back home.

    Mountain cycling is something new to me and I have never tried.

    This article has helped me know more details about mountain cycling and things related to cycle parts.

    You have covered efficiently how to choose the best cycle parts which will make mountain cycling experience more fun and interesting.

  3. Great article explaining the components of a mountain bike. In my younger days I would use my mountain bike every weekend to ride trails. I absolutely loved the lifestyle. I had my Specialized mountain bike and my Yakima bike rack and I was ready to go. Thanks for sharing your article. It brought back memories.

  4. Thanks for describing the various components of a mountain bike. My husband is a keen mountain biker, but all I know about bikes is that when you pedal you move forward! I don’t ride very much because I find the seats so uncomfortable. It would be really good to see a review of all the different seat types available and specifically how comfortable they are. 

    1. Hi Teri,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and suggestion. And that is a good idea of creating a review of the various types of bike seats avaiiable. And ways to make it more comfortable for the ladies. When i was young, my mom sewed soft paddings into nice colourful cloths. And wrapped it over the bike seat. To make it more comfortable. 

      Happy riding,

      David Koh

  5. Hi David, I had never really considered a bike to have major parts and minor parts, so this is very educational to read. You mention that there are three different types of brakes, so I was wondering which one of these three would be the best when one has to choose a mountain bike.

    I would also like to hear your thoughts on the importance of the weight of the bike frame. Thanks, Liné

    1. Hi Line, thanks for your encouraging comments. Well that is an interesting question. It depend on 3 main factors: Types of mountain bikes, countries weather conditions and your budget. All 3 bike brakes have its own unique features, advantages and disadvantages. Out of the three, i recommend to go for disc brakes. Because it is suitable for all downhill mountain bikes. It can be use for some hydrid, touring and racing bikes too. It function very well in wet, muddy and snowy conditions. Drum brakes are a good choice. For its consistent braking. Hence, it is more complicated. It is use for utility, freight bikes and velomobiles.

      As for the weight of the bike frame, it has a certain level of importance too. Because it is for attachment of all the essential bike components. Having the correct bike frame with the right weight can determine the performance of the bike. Like balancing, speed, stability etc. Depending on the usage, it is important to have a medium weight bike frame for stability and control. Heavier bike frame need more skills and strengths to ride it properly.

      Happy biking,

      David Koh

  6. Hi , I enjoy a lot while reading your article and find it very useful. Mountain biking and cycling are very interesting leisure and sporting activities. It gives best exercise to our body and also give relaxed mind. Your step by step guide is very useful. Your each part explanation works while buying. A frame is an important part of a bike. It is for combining with the other parts. It consist of different designs and materials. Keep your guide for everyone.

  7. Many thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful article with us and you have spoken my mind .Mountain biking and bike are my favorites .To me this seems like a very good sporting activity .Many refreshments, both physically and mentally .I did mountain biking with my friends a while ago and I had a great time .But during this kind of biking, I had to look at different parts of the bike, such as structures, different parts and functions and ridingstyle .Because I wanted to keep my biking journey simple and safe .We had a lot of confidence due to having enough hand product knowledge and were able to maintain a good biking tour. It is important to be very aware of the important ingredients for mountain biking.

    Lastly I want to say that your article is really very informative and important for mountain biking and I think it is very useful for those who love mountain-biking and they will be sharing these new experiences with you soon.

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