Importance of Mountain Biking Protection Accessories

Spending a leisure day out and about on a bike with your family members and friends over the weekend at many nice and breathtaking places is a good way to relax after a week of work.

Whether it is just a simple outing with your children or a mountain biking expedition with your buddies, it is necessary to make  prior preparations to ensure that situation will be all right during the biking activities. To be ready for any unforeseen scenarios along the way.  For example : Bad weather conditions,  puncture tires, safety, emergency etc. To ensure an enjoyable biking experiences, it is a necessity to be well prepare for it.  By selecting the suitable mountain biking safety and protection accessories.

There are certain “important” factors to be aware of.  One of it is : Preparing the right kind of mountain biking protection accessories, to protect the various important parts of the body.

To make the right selection, it is necessary for you to know the facts, safety features and benefits of the various biking protection accessories for your family members, friends and biking buddies. To protect them from unforeseen situation.

Facts of Mountain Biking Protection Accessories

  1. There are many types of protection accessories ranging from basic to sophisticate.
  2. They are make of many different materials for protecting the various vital parts of the body. Depending on the levels of protection require for biking in different terrains and nature trails.
  3. Additional protection are necessary against nature hazards like sharp branches, roots and rocks. From abrasion, bad weather conditions and harmful insects while biking in the nature trails. Providing some forms of comfort too.

Types of  Mountain Biking Protection Accessories

They are group into two different categories. It depends on the functions. Which is to provide protection and comfort to the various important parts of the human body. Especially, the parts that are more prone to injuries while cycling in biking trails and jungle tracks.

There are as follows……..

  1. Helmet
  2. Gloves
  3. Body armor
  4. Neck braces
  5. Elbow and knee pads
  6. Shin guard
  7. Ankle guard
  8. Wrist protection
  9. Padded mountain bike shorts
  10. Long sleeves biking attires

Well, the purpose is to keep you safe and confidence in various types of biking activities. It is necessary to choose the right protection accessories that is base on your biking ability, type of riding styles and physical endurance levels.

The main deciding factor whether to get additional protection depend on the location, weather and environmental conditions.

Extra padding and tougher protection accessories are suitable for long rides in tough terrains like mountain trails.

Lighter fabric protection accessories like full fingered gloves have more feel for steep or fast descents. It is also more comfortable and cooling in the wild. Well there are many choices available and possibilities. It varies from individual biking needs and requirements. With the information, i hope that it can assist you to make a good decision which biking protection accessories to get. And ensuring you to have a great experience in your mountain biking activity.

8 thoughts on “Importance of Mountain Biking Protection Accessories”

  1. Hi David,
    Thank you for making a comprehensive list of biking safety equipment available. My family and I are about to start biking more, so we are getting organised. The cycling paths can be quite busy where we live and some people ride very fast coming round the corners where you cannot possibly see if anyone is traveling in the opposite direction. We have witnessed quite a few scary scenarios in these spots whilst walking! Hence the preparation on safety front…
    I am aware that the quality of materials used for safety equipment is important. Would you be able to recommend any particular brands or places to buy from, please?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Monika,

      Splendid! Have fun biking with your family. Yes,it is the same situation in my country too. Worst still, there are no biking lanes on the roads or pathways. Collisions always occurred till the authority setup laws and biking lanes.

      It will help to install 2 way mirror, signages or warning system to inform bikers to slow down around corners.

      There are many good brands for biking protection accessories. It depend on your location. You can get it from popular bike shops,shopping malls, megamarts like Giant, Costco etc. Or shop online for good deals.

      Good brands are MTB(better and long distance biking, helmet, hand gloves, knee pads etc). Niterider for lights, Oakley, Fox head for gloves/ helmets, Bell Super, Osprey etc. And many more. Go for lighter, durable and comfortable material when choosing hand gloves, biking attires etc.

      Hope it help you in making a good choice.

      Happy biking,

      David Koh

  2. My son went on a three month cycling trip from Boston to San Francisco and was advised before the time to get the padded cycling shorts. He found that it made a huge difference and says it is a must to wear when you are spending time in the saddle. So would definitely recommend that! I was familiar with the basic things like a safety helmet, gloves and wrist protectors, but have not come across body armor before. Could you please tell me more about what it looks like? Thank you

    1. That was incredible. It must be an unforgettable experience for your son. Well, you raised a good question. A body armour is a set of special attire for protecting the important parts of the upper and lower body from sustaining serious injury. It is use by professional mountain bikers in competitive racing in big mountain biking race tracks and terrains. It consist of 4 types of body armour for protecting the spine, body, arms and full upper body. Make of comfortable and breathable materials. With different levels of protection using foam and hard plastic padding. It is usually black in color with the protection paddings in red trimmings. I hope it give you a better picture of the body armour based on my description.

  3. I agree that protection gear when biking is a must for all kind of situations and even for the most light and easy rides a helmet should be the absolute minimum of protection someone should wear. Health comes before anything else and these are matters noone should play with. Technology has progressed so much that equipment has become very advanced and light not to bother us in such a wonderful activity. So let’s use it.

  4. My family and me we all like to do hiking and sometimes mountain biking. The only safeguarding practice we do are wearing the helmet, elbow and knee guard and that’s all we have! Sometimes accidents happen we fell down on the floor, or from the slop without a complete safety guards as mentioned above. Thank god that we haven’t encountered any internal injuries or massive injuries externally. I didn’t know that there are neck braces, wrist protection, ankle and shin guard that is crucial too to protect us from the impactful fall. Sometimes we find the rented bike seats are uncomfortable, bike handles are too rough to hold for long hours. I think adding paddings would definitely help the entire mountain biking experience too. Thanks for your information, I will share with my family.

    1. Hi Yongli, 

      Thanks for sharing your family hiking and mountain biking experiences. I am glad to know that no one in your family had encounter any serious injuries. Well, there are many different protective gears and attires for different form of biking adventures. It depends on the terrains, mountain trails, weather conditions etc. Under normal circumstances, basic protection gears are more than enough. It is good to pack in additional added protective gears just in case. Especially if you riding in unfamiliar terrains or rocky mountain trails. Also beware of other bikers as well. Other factors play a part too. Like for e.g your reflexes, safety knowledge, first aids, skills in accessing the terrains, familiarity of the right gears/speeds etc.  Have fun!

  5. Hi David

    I agree that a day out in the mountain is always enjoyable but we definitely shouldn’t avoid protection. The weather can change and an accident will turn your trip to a disaster. 

    My cousin always found them heavy and not comfortable, until we met a woman who took a branch on her helmet due to heavy winds. lucky for her she had a very good quality helmet.

    So, yes take all the precautions and gears advised for your own safety and for those around you.

    Thanks for sharing!

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