How to Build a Mountain Bike

To be able to enjoy the excitement and fun in mountain biking activities, it is necessary to have product knowledge and experiences. There are other considerations to think about too. The most common option is to get or rent a bike which can be costly and inconvenient.

Lots of time have to be spend on looking through the various types of bikes and make a comparison of the different features. Weigh the pros and cons, compare the prices and go for a test ride before making up the mind which is the most suitable bike to get.

Another effective option is to build your own mountain bike.  Which is a great idea.

An excellent image of a newly built bike with a cool and sleek look.

In fact, creating it on your own give you more knowledge about the mechanism, freedom to customize your bike according to your preferences of parts and accessories. The best of all is that you can have a desirable mountain bike which you really like at a “fraction” of the cost as compare to purchasing it from the retail shop.

Your bike will look unique and special too. You get full control of deciding which types of parts to use.

Here is a diagram of the dimensions of the various parts of the bike for your reference.  It will a great help when you begin to build your own bike.

For a start, have a plan in place to know “how to build a mountain bike”. Find out more information about the various parts of a bike by researching online. Get to know more about the  various brands, materials, functions and manufacturers. Look through the various options available.

Make decision based on the following :

1  Your style of riding, handling skills, experiences  and confidence level.

2  The location of your biking activities. For example: forest trails, urban, off road etc. This will determine whether to go for a simple or high quality bike with normal or advanced parts, gears and components.

3  The various designs choices of the whole bike and essential parts. Your preferences of colors, materials, size, weight etc.

4  The budget of building your bike inclusive of the necessary parts and accessories.

5  Choices of new or used/simple or best parts, price, quality, branded or non branded.

Additional facts to take note of :

–  Going for sophisticated parts may not be a good choice. Simple and affordable parts are easy to manage and maintain.

–  Start with a small budget and improve your bike gradually. Plan ahead.

–  Do inspection if you are getting used or non-branded parts and components. Check for major cracks, breaks, wear and tear to prevent additional repair costs.

Proceed to get the necessary parts require and build your bike with guidance from experienced bikers. Get assistance from the staffs working at the bike shop when necessary.

15 thoughts on “How to Build a Mountain Bike”

  1. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide on build a mountain bike  and find it very helpful for everyone. Now i know that Do inspection if you are getting used or non-branded parts and components. Check for major cracks,breaks, wear and tear to prevent additional repair costs. Going for sophisticated parts may not be a good choice. Simple and affordable parts are easy to manage and maintain.

  2. I want to build my own mountain bike! My dad would have been proud of me. He loved mountain bikes and he built three during his entire life. One he gave to my younger brother who passed away recently.

    I still remember some of the important considerations dad mentioned. But I needed this general layout you’ve set in this post. Thank you very much!

  3. That is pretty cool that you are able to build you own bike. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, yet I still am as the thought hadn’t even entered my mind as a possibility. I do wonder for someone like myself, who likes the idea of getting into mountain biking but hasn’t started the process, is building a bike the best way to start? Like you said in the post, one of the things is knowing your preferences for style of riding, handling, etc. Do you have advise for someone who isn’t sure about their style?

    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes, i do. That is a good question. Firstly, take sometime to discover the style that you prefer. It will take a while. For a start, you can experience with different biking terrains to have a feel. Read up a bit about different biking mechanism through magazines. Well, most people are the adventurious type. If you are, it is all right to start with simple biking trails with biking tracks. In this way, you can test out the performance of your bike. And make necessary adjustment if needed. Or you can ride around your neighbourhood, biking paths, seasides, resorts etc. For a start, i think you can begin with a bit of leisure style of riding, then scale it up from there. Start with a normal to medium range of bike with room for upgrades later. Get one that is light to medium weight with a durable frame. Hope it helps.

      Have fun!

      David Koh

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us a wonderful and interesting article. The main content of this article is how you build a mountain bike.To build a mountain-bike, you must have knowledge and experience about it. Yet the idea that you have to create a mountain bike in your article is truly remarkable.I will buildup my mountain bike with the ideas mentioned in your article.

    Finally, thank you again for sharing with us an informative article so I would like to share your article on my Facebook group so that everyone is know that your ideas to make their mountain Bike.

    1. Hi Md. Asraful,

      I am very appreciative for your encouraging words. It give me more motivation to create more useful and beneficial contents for people who love mountain biking. You are most welcome. And glad to know that it benefitted you in one way or another.

  5. While reading I learn. Creating it on our own gives us more knowledge about the mechanism, freedom to customize our bike according to our preferences of parts and accessories. Our bike will look unique and special too. We get full control of deciding which types of parts to use. Thanks for shairng such useful guide regarding the bike

  6. What a fantastic idea! I love riding mountain bikes and sometimes they wear down quickly and the ability to build my own bike is awesome.  I tend to ride on dirt paths with rocks and tight spaces so I am very hard on the equipment.  This is the site anyone who is mountain bike enthusiast should visit if you have any DIY capabilities.  Have screwdriver and a wrench, build a mountain bike!

  7. I think that learning how to build a mountain bike comes with some additional advantages such as being able to take an older bike and upgrade it to sell it off for a high profit which is something I’ve been thinking about doing. There are a lot of old bikes for sale on places like Craigslist for really cheap, if I’m able to spend a little money and put some new parts on it then I might be able to sell it for 2x or 3x the original price. Cool business idea I hope.

    1. Hi Son,

      Yes, that is a good biz idea. When i first started mountain biking, there are a few of my friends who retrofitted their bikes for better and faster performance. Not only that, for speed and comfort too. Remembering the days of the BMX bikes.

  8. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Mountain trips are my favorite and mountain-bikes are very useful when traveling in the mountains and with these bikes I will have different fun to take.I also have a lot of experience riding mountain bikes because I’ve used a lot of these bikes before.I also have a lot of experience riding mountain bikes because I’ve used a lot of these bikes before.I want to build a mountain-bike with a small amount of money in the first place and then when I have money I will improve the bike.

  9. The whole video of building my own bike is totally awesome. I’m wondering why j havd never thought of this because I see people always riding very sophisticated bikes and I think this is the type that I want but looking at what you have just shared now, I think I know exactly what I want from my own bike as well and I can get the parts too. It would be awesome. Tha k you for this brilliant idea.

  10. The title grabbed me right away! I didn’t even know you could build your own bike! Great tips for those who are aware of this though! 🙂

    1. Yes,Pat.That is true.I was surprised too.It was not so common when i started cycling about 20 over years ago.It was not legal to assemble or remodify a bike due to safety reasons.

      Well it should be more common with many DIY- do it yourself products available now.Overall,it varies from country to country and its legistration.

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