How to Build a Mountain Bike

To be able to enjoy the excitement and fun in mountain biking,it is necessary to have some product knowledge and experiences.There are other considerations to think about too.The most common option is to get or rent a bike which can be costly and inconvenient.

For convenience,majority of the cyclists purchase rather than building a mountain bike.Well,it is a matter of pros and cons.

In fact,creating it on your own give you more knowledge about the mechanism,freedom to customize your bike according to your preferences of parts and accessories.The best of all is you can have a desirable mountain bike which you really like at a “fraction” of the cost as compared to purchasing it from the retail shop.

Your bike will look unique and special too.You get full control of deciding which types of parts to use.

For a start,have a plan in place to know “how to build a mountain bike”.Find out more information about the various parts of a bike by researching online.Get to know more about the  various brands,materials,functions and manufacturers.Look through the various options available.

Make decision based on the following :

1  Your style of riding,handling skills,experiences  and confidence level.

2  The location of your biking activities.For e.g forest trails,urban,off road etc.This will determine whether to go for a simple or high quality bike with normal or advanced parts,gears and components.

3  The various designs choices of the whole bike and essential parts.Your preferences of colors,materials,size,weight etc.

4  The budget of building your bike inclusive of the necessary parts and accessories.

5  Choices of new or used/simple or best parts,price,quality,branded or non branded.

Additional facts to take note of :

–  Going for sophisticated parts may not be a good choice.Simple and affordable parts are easy to manage and maintain.

–  Start with a small budget and improve your bike gradually.Plan and budget ahead.

–  Do inspection if you are getting used or non-branded parts and components.Check for major cracks,breaks,wear and tear to prevent additional repair costs.

Proceed to get the necessary parts require and build your bike with guidance from experienced bikers.Get assistance from the staffs working at the bike shop when necessary.

The Importance of Safety in Cycling

Cycling is an enjoyable and fun activity.Hence,it is very important to take note of personal safety,looking out of other cyclists and pedestrians.Different safety procedures need to follow depending on the location of the cycling activities.Especially riding on the road.

Different sets of safety procedures need to be follow based on the time of the day,weather and road conditions.
Examples of safety knowledge includes safety distances,giving hand signals in advance etc.
Wearing proper cycling attires and protective gears are necessary too.Wear visible and brighter clothes when riding at night.

The most important of all is the ability to take control of the bike and skill levels of the cyclists.It takes many hours of practice to master the techniques of balancing and riding a bike very well.For beginner,build up the knowledge of cycling.Start with a simple bike first and do not ride too fast.

The most safest way is to ride on cycling pathway carefully and abide by the safety standards in regardless whether it is as a beginner or an expert.Accidents can occur anytime.Safety is number 1 in whatever we do.

Happy Cycling!


The Fun Side of Cycling

Cycling is a fun and enjoyable leisure activity.It is a good way to relax from the fast pace lifestyles in the modern city.Keeping the body physically in good shape too.

Being able to travel to many nice and interesting places on a mountain bike.Enjoying many great activities.Imagine riding a bike along the breathtaking seaside
or country side,enjoying the beautiful sunset

and feel the cooling sea breeze.

Spending a great time with the family and loves ones on a biking trip together.

More adventurous people will go for mountain biking.Experiencing the nature and the lighter side of life.Exploring new places and creating wonderful memories & experiences.The benefits of mountain biking are endless.