Important Facts of Mountain Bike Components

Mountain biking and cycling are very interesting leisure and sporting activities. They strengthen your physical and mental endurance. Both are great activities for rest and relaxation.

In order to enjoy mountain biking activities, it is necessary to understand the structure of the bike, various parts and functions. So that you can build or select a mountain bike according to your riding Continue reading “Important Facts of Mountain Bike Components”

How to Build a Mountain Bike

To be able to enjoy the excitement and fun in mountain biking activities, it is necessary to have product knowledge and experiences. There are other considerations to think about too. The most common option is to get or rent a bike which can be costly and inconvenient. Continue reading “How to Build a Mountain Bike”

Best Mountain Bike Selection Tips

In the world of mountain biking, there are a wide selection of bikes available for different purposes, environmental conditions, weather, age groups and biking experience levels.

It range from normal, average all the way to the high end versions for the expert bikers and competitions. Price can be from average 500 dollars or less and  below to 3500 dollars or more

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The Importance of Safety in Cycling

Cycling is an enjoyable and fun activity. Hence, it is very important to take note of personal safety, looking out of other cyclists and pedestrians. Different safety procedures need to follow depending on the location of the cycling activities. Continue reading “The Importance of Safety in Cycling”