Best Mountain Bike Selection Tips

In the world of mountain biking, there are a wide selection of bikes available for different purposes, environmental conditions, weather, age groups and biking experience levels.

It range from normal, average all the way to the high end versions for the expert bikers and competitions. Price can be from average 500 dollars or less and  below to 3500 dollars or more

The list of necessary consideration factors continues. As a result, the process of selecting a mountain bike that is suitable can be a big decision. It can be quite overwhelming for a beginner.

To make it easier, the first task you have to do is to plan ahead. Determine what you need, your requirements, usage and price range. Whether you are going to ride your bike more on the road, nature trails or terrain depending on the surroundings of your residence and country.

Whether you are riding a bike as a sport, for leisure, to keep fit or for competitions.

Secondly, find out more relevant information to gain more knowledge for the right decision later. By reading up books and mountain biking magazines both online/ offline and talk to friends who may have good tips to share 🙂

Thirdly, head down to a reputable bike shop to have a look at the various categories of bikes available. Get familiar and find out more from the staff.

Check out the different designs, materials, features, parts and mountain bike accessories. Take note of the overall quality by identify the origin of the materials used.Shop around initially.

Fourth, weigh the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. And
select 2 versions that matches with your needs and requirements.

Fifth, take both bikes out for test rides under different conditions. Take note of the overall performance, stability, comfort and efficiency while riding on it. This is important because you will be on it most of the time while out riding.

Finally, make up your mind on which bike to get. Base your decision on which one is more durable and easy to maintain in the long run. The most important of all is how comfortable are you feeling while on the bike. Not forgetting to compare the price too.

Well there are many interesting ways to get a bike. It is not necessary to own one. For example: Rent a bike, borrow it from a friend, get from second hand store, during a sale etc….

Hope that this will help you to make the right decision and get the correct bike to enjoy the fun of mountain biking.

14 thoughts on “Best Mountain Bike Selection Tips”

  1. Hello there, these are indeed useful tips on how to select best mountain biking. when selecting mountain biking, it’s indeed very important for one to consider the comfort of your feelings while on the bike. And also like you mentioned  the price is one important factor never to neglected. Thanks for sharing this tips once again. 

  2. These are great tips, and after reading I feel like I want to ride again lile I used to do a lot of time in my childhood. Any recommendations for someone that hasn’t ride bike in almost 20 years, apart from an ocassional lazy ride? I would really like to rry some outdoor activities.



    1. Hi Juan, Good for you. A leisure ride now and then is good. Not all bikers go for competitive riding or racing. Go slow first, since you have not been biking for a while. Do a recap, get the feel and technuques again. For a start, ride onroad, trails and biking paths. Go for more adventurous terrains when you find your momentum back. No rush, the most important are the experiences and wonderful memories.

      Happy biking,

      David Koh

  3. Hello David, we don’t have mountains around my city, so I do with a regular bike. I’ve always considered comfort first when choosing a bike to purchase. Riding long distances can be really strenuous if one isn’t comfortable.

    The next thing I would consider is the price of the bike. If too high, I’ll let it go. I only made two purchases within the last decade.

    About the mountain bikes, I would go for design and bike accessories next.

  4. Mountain Biking Elite, I am not a mountain biker, but I do ride my bike all over in my city, we have tons of paths and we also have trails on the mountains that surround my city. I am considering getting a mountain bike because my son bikes all the times on the dirt trails in the mountains and loves it, and is always asking me to purchase one so that I can go with him. I am going to take a bike out for a test ride and see how I like it, I just didn’t think about that I could do that until I read your article. Thank you for a great article with some wonderful tips on how and why to mountain bike.


    1. Hi Bobbi,

      Welcome to the world of mountain biking. It is wonderful to know that my article has help you in selecting your bike. Have a good test-ride and take it easy. Enjoy the ride 😊. And have a great time bonding with your son too.


      David Koh

  5. Hi David, thanks for the article! My brother is really into mountain biking and was contemplating to get a bike – but as you said, the price can be pretty expensive. I guess trying out the bike first before buying could be a really good step before committing to a bike!

    And renting one out! Right now he borrows his friend’s bike, I’m sure with renting, he could find another model that he’d like to be trying.

    Anyway, do you have any recommendations for a good bike?

    1. Hi Wina, thanks for your time in sharing your thoughts. It is a good idea to rent a bike and experiment before settling down with the right bike. The most important of all is the rider has to be comfortable in it.

      Yes, i do have some good recommendations. Well the list is endless. The deciding factors are the usage, duralibility, comfort and performance. It depend on his budget. For your brother, i suggest he goes for a light to medium weight, versatile all weather bike suitable for onroad and some offroad riding. Price range from $400 and above. There are good bikes in both price range from below $400 and above $1000. Brands to go for include Kona, GT bikes, Cannondale, Trek, Santa Cruz, Giant etc…. To narrow it down, i recommend him to consider mountain bikes manufacture by ” GT bikes ” for speed/best quality, ” Santa Cruz”  bikes for reliable & quality and ” Giant ” for modern, reliable and affordability.

      For example, do check out GT Verb Expert, a versatile bike with 27.5 in wheels, perfect for cross country ride. And Santa Cruz bikes, where he can customise it for the excellent biking experience.

      Glad to offer some information and hope that it help your brother to make a good choice of the bike he wants.

      Cheers, happy biking.

      David Koh

  6. Being a sports lover, I am glad I found your article when I am trying to figure out how to buy a top-notch mountain bike without being scammed.

    I have come across other sites, but they’re not thorough as yours. I have saved your article for later use! Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    However, do you have any suggestions for mountain bikes for a complete beginner with cheaper pricing?


    1. Hi Zac,

      Yes, i do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And i am glad that the article benefit you. Well, there are a wide variety of good mountain bikes for beginners. It depend on your budget and usage. Whether it is to be use on road, off road or jungle trails. I recommend you to go for a ver5satile, medium weight bike with more grips and speeds. Price range from $320.00 onwards. Another option is to go for bike that cost $500 to $600 or more. Which are slightly heavier and make of solid materials.

      I recommend ” Outroad mountain bike “. Price at $319.99. It has anti-slip pedals, 21 choices of gears, front and rear brakes. It use a sleek and dual suspension frame for stability. And minimise vibrations. It is foldable for easy transportable in any form of transport. It is suitable for biker with a height of 5’3 to 5’10 and a weight of 220 pounds. Another option is the ” Diamond back Overdrive, a powerful bike with lots of speeds. The price is below $500. With handmake aluminium frame for comfort and superior control.


      David Koh



  7. Hello David. Nice to see you share these best mountain bike selection tips; it’s very useful especially for a beginner like me to make a good purchase decision for the best mountain bikes. Of course, durability is key when I am considering purchasing anything. One thing I usually do a lot of the time before purchasing is price comparison. This could help us save some reasonable amount of money. However, we must be careful not to purchase fake mountain bike. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for telling us what we need to consider when we are selecting a mountain bike that we want to ride in the long term. Do you think that most bike shops will let you test out a variety of mountain bikes to see which one you will buy? Do you think that comfort or durability is more important? I think those two are those most important.

  9. It can be a really difficult and daunting task to select a good quality bike within a given budget. Thankfully, these tips would definitely make the process a lot more seamless. I intend to get a bike for leisure but I also hope to be able to get one that can easily be used on natural terrains once in a while. I’ll put this tips into consideration. Though I have to ask, do you have any recommendations?

    1. Hi Leo, Yes, i agreed. Getting the right bike can be tedious. With so many brands and materials to select. Well, the main consideration is your personal preference. Most importantly, you have to be comfortable and at ease on the bike. For leizure bikers, i recommend to go for an average bike which is light to medium weight, a versatile and sleek body. With a set of average gears.  Get one that is easy to ride on and simple. Well, a lot depend on your budget and future needs. Not forgetting about maintenance issues. Go for the Cannondale bike if budget is not an issue. They have a wide variety of mountain bike to choose from. Pivot is another good brand too. A good advice is get a bike that is durable which can be reconfigure later for other purposes.


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