About Mountain Biking Elite Website

Hi to all cyclists and bikers who are passionate in cycling and mountain biking,

A “WARM WELCOME” to my website 🙂 About my passion in cycling

Here is a brief introduction about the website, a bit about myself and my passion in mountain biking

This is David Koh, who like cycling very much since the childhood days. I learned how to cycle from my dad. It was a great experience learning how to ride a bike 🙂 Having a good time and bonding with him. Unwind and relax at the same time.

Riding a bike require knowing the fundamentals and skills at initially. It require lots of patience,persistence and effort to be good at it. The feelings was so great when i managed to succeed in riding a bicycle eventually after lots of practice. I did not look back since then. From cycling, i get to like mountain biking which is more adventurous during the teenage years.

Life was more simple in those days. So cycling brought me plenty of wonderful experiences and friendship. Being able to have lots of fun, be free to explore interesting places and relax. I can never forget my first cycling experience riding a mountain bike at the beach in East Coast Parkway with my school mates. It was a wonderful experience till i got myself injured by riding too fast as a beginner. I learned safety in cycling the hard way and was very lucky not to get seriously injured. Hence, that did not deter my passion in mountain biking. It increased over the years and i get to like cycling even more.

So i began to read up and understand more about it. And acquire the necessary knowledge like types of bikes, gears, safety procedures on the road, maintenance etc. However, there are not much relevant and good information about mountain biking in those days. Well it was a regret not being able to continue cycling due to family responsibilities and work commitments.

Objectives and Visions

  • To provide a solid platform of good relevant knowledge for beginners to have a good head start and a better understanding about mountain biking.
  • To share useful information, resources and products to improve the skills and experience levels of cyclists and bikers who are passionate in mountain biking.
  • To share cycling experiences and the latest innovations. And how to ride and become fitter in the process.
  • Build more great friendships and more wonderful relationships in the near future.

Have a GREAT time!

HAPPY Biking ! Have lots of fun and laughter. And create more great memories, new friendships and relationship 🙂

Warm Regards,

David Koh

Creator and Owner of Mountain Biking Elite